About Traveling Gourmet

Traveling Gourmet specializes in healthy, delicious, stress-free culinary options for busy residents in northern New Jersey as well as residents of Rockland and Westchester counties in N.Y. Our staff can prepare comfort foods to gourmet meals. We can cater to clients with specialized diets and we are proficient in kosher cooking. Traveling Gourmet uses the freshest seasonal vegetables (preferably organic), and the highest quality meats, poultry and fish.

We work with our clients to plan menus based on their specific dietary needs and preferences. If necessary, we consult with our clients' personal trainers, doctors and/or nutritionists to make sure our clients are receiving the nutritional balance they need for their lifestyles.

We not only offer international cuisines, but we have kid-friendly entrees as well. We do the menu planning, grocery shopping and food preparation. We leave your freezer and refrigerator filled with freshly prepared entrees and side dishes to be enjoyed at your convenience.

We offer several culinary choices for our clients to choose from, including regularly scheduled meal services, small dinner parties, and private or group cooking lessons. Gift certificates are available for any of these services.

Meals made with care, attention, and love connect us to our ancestors, our heritage, and each other. Food is communication. Food is comfort. Food is love.

Please call 201-741-3971 or e-mail us for a no-obligation, in-home consultation and let us show you how easy eating at home can be!!

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